November 2012 Posts

Hay Paddock Syrah wins Gold medals internationally

 Chris Canning from The Hay Paddock  is thrilled with the international recognition for their “Jules Silk” Harvest Reserve Syrah 2010″. It won a Gold Medal at the Australian Boutique Wine Awards in August 2012 and a Double Gold medal at the China Wine Awards in October 2012. Our 2010 Waiheke red wines are certainly worth looking out for.    

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EXPATRIUS wins Gold medals

Luc Desbonnets from Te Rere is pleased by the recognition received by his EXPATRIUS brand recently. His EXPATRIUS Syrah 2010 won a                              Gold medal at Upper North Island Wine Challenge in September 2012 and his EXPATRIUS Blend of 8 2010 Cabernet won a Gold medal at the

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Passage Rock wins two Gold Medals

The excellent Waiheke Island 2010 vintage is receiving recognition with the Passage Rock Reserve Syrah 2010 winning two Gold Medals in October 2012. The first was at The Five Nations wine competition and the second at the Upper North Island Wine Awards. Passage Rock Syrah has been included in Michael Cooper’s book 100 Wines to Try Before you Die.

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